Al Jazeera Marble

Omani Marble Supplier and Exporter

At Al Jazeera Marble, we quarry and finished Omani marble tiles (cut to size) and slabs. We are an Omani marble supplier and exporter who have been meeting the needs our customers since 2008. We are located just outside of Muscat and within close proximity to Port Sultan Qaboos, where we export marble to the GCC and South East Asia. We are always looking for new export destinations. We have a highly skilled team of quality controllers who work to ensure the material being packaged meets the projects requirements with colour shade, patterns and physical quality. As marble is a naturally produced product, no two tiles are the same. We try are upmost to make sure the material matches the agreed upon samples.

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Our Marble Colours

We currently own and operate 3 marble producing quarries in close proximity to our factory. We exclusively own the rights to all material produced. We use the latest equipment to extract the raw blocks which used diamond tipped blades.

White Diamond - Extra Dark (NEW)